Exceptional quality  BEAT eyewear, together with its certified manufacturing partners, has implemented rigid quality control and sampling plans to ensure an exceptional customer experience. Our Swiss engineering combined with our premium materials and state-of-the-art polarizing lens technology guarantees that all global sunglass standards are met and exceeded. 

REFLECTED GLARE DISTURBS YOUR VISION Sunlight that reflects off a surface, such as water or a road travels both horizontally and vertically. The light that travels vertically is useful light. The light horizontally is disturbing glare.

NORMAL SUNGLASSES DO NOT BLOCK GLARE Ordinary sunglasses do not filter out glare, they just darken the view.

 BEAT SUNGLASSES BLOCK ALL REFLECTED GLARE BEAT ultra polarized sunglasses block 100% of the disturbing horizontal light, allowing only the useful light to pass through to your eyes . The result is perfect, high contrast , glare-free vision.